My #1 Nutrition Tip

Ashley Nutrition & Health

I know most of us are super busy these days and eating healthy is a struggle. Don’t allow your lifestyle to ruin your diet! You can eat healthy meals that support your goals and doesn’t take hours to make.

I will food prep a few times a week, so I have fresh proteins, veggies, and starches on hand. It only takes a few minutes to assemble a meal once everything is made. Here is what’s on my weekly menu: grilled or roasted chicken breast, lean hamburgers, 1-2 recipes from my cookbook, PŪR-Delish, rice, potatoes, and some roasted vegetables. I also chop fresh peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes for salads and keep fresh greens on hand.

From the food I mentioned above, you can make a large salad with protein or have a meal with chicken/beef, roasted veggies, and potatoes. Right there is your lunch and dinner for a few days.

Keep it simple. It takes some effort when you’re first getting started, but it will get easier. My # 1 tip is to always have food prepared in advance. Think about how many lunches and dinners you will have from 1-2 hours of food prep?

If you add in a homemade smoothie for breakfast you have a whole day of healthy eating!

Happy Friday!