Protein is the most IMPORTANT macronutrient!

Ashley nutrition


It can be a challenge to eat enough protein. If you lift weights consistently, need to gain muscle mass, lose fat, or maintain the lean muscle mass you’ve worked so hard for you probably have a protein quota you need to meet every day.

Depending on my goals, I personally shoot for 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of weight. When I was training for my fitness pictures a year ago I ate 1.5 grams per pound because I was leaning out and didn’t want to lose the valuable muscle mass I worked so hard for.

Creativity is my secret to eating enough protein! I try to vary my protein sources as well, so we eat a lot of grass-fed beef (my personal fav), chicken breast, chicken thighs, whey protein powder, and eggs.

Below are five tips to help you eat more protein:

  1. Add whey protein powder to everything! Put it in your oatmeal, baked goods, smoothies, yogurt, cottage cheese, water, etc. Anything you think you could add it to and not destroy the flavor, go ahead and throw it in there!
  2. Ask for double protein when you order a salad from a restaurant. If you’re shooting for 1.1-5 grams per pound eating a few ounces per meal isn’t going to cut it. Double up your serving or protein whenever possible.
  3. Food prep at least once per week. I bake or grill a few packs of chicken breast, hamburgers, steaks, etc. I usually always keep my meatloaf muffins on hand for a quick meal. My recipe for them is in my cookbook along with a lot of other high protein meal ideas. Check out my cookbook here! If you get in the habit of doing this weekly you will always have healthy cooked protein sources available at all times!
  4. Make a homemade soup or stew and add extra meat or beans for an extra protein boost.
  5. Keep a few protein bars on hand just in case you’re in a situation and you can’t eat a full meal. A few of my fav bars: One Bars, OatOmega bars, and Quest Bars have around 20 grams of protein per bar. They are a few of my favorite protein bars and I keep one in my car and my bag at all times.
    *If you’re a vegetarian you could use a vegan protein powder, eat legumes, and grains high in protein. Quinoa, nuts/seeds, nut butters, lentils are all high in protein. If you’re eating a lot of nuts, seeds, nut butters, etc be aware of their calorie content if you’re trying to lose weight.