What are macros and do you need to count them?

Ashley nutrition

Hi PŪRFIT Members!

These days everyone is talking about tracking their macros. It does work well for some, but not for everyone! First, let’s go over what macros are and then we’ll tackle if it’s necessary for you to track them.

What are macros? To put it simply, they are the three macronutrients that supply the body with energy and calories. Each macro-nutrient has different roles and functions in our body and together they help our bodies repair, recovery, and develop.

The three macronutrients are:

  1. Fats: They help by improving brain development and overall cell functioning, protecting the body’s organs, and they even help you absorb vitamins found in foods.
  2. Protein: They are essential for repairing and regenerating body tissues and cells. It also helps maintain a healthy functioning immune system and manufacturing hormones.
  3. Carbohydrates: They are comprised of small chains of sugar, which the digestive system breaks down into glucose to use as the body’s primary energy source.

We all need different amounts of each of these macronutrients to feel and perform our best!

You may be wondering, should you be tracking your macros? If you’re happy with your body and feel like you have a good understanding of what your body needs to maintain, I wouldn’t worry about tracking. If you aren’t  feeling satisfied with the way you feel and look it may be worth your time to start tracking your macros for a while; especially if you’re lifting weights multiple times a week and still aren’t seeing changes in your body composition.

First, we will need to figure out a good starting place for you, so the way to do this starts a MyFitnessPal account/food journal. I suggest logging your food for 5 consecutive days. I recommend you go ahead and buy a food scale, so you will know exactly how much you’re eating and this will allow you to log your food accurately.  Once we see where you’re starting, we will know what to modify. I will help you set up your macro-breakdown. We will do this based off of your food log, goal weight, exercise frequency, and body fat percentage. Check out my customized nutrition package for more info: http://www.purfitstudio.com/product/pur-nutrition/

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the Q & A Forum and I will get back to you as quickly as possible!