My Favorite Amazon Buys

Ashley wellness

  1. Our Multi-vitamin. It is such a high-quality vitamin for a great price. I stand behind this vitamin and the quality of the ingredients. You are getting a 3-month supply when you purchase this vitamin!
  2. My favorite brand of protein powder. It tastes great in smoothies and bakes up well (check out my muffin recipes, most of them include some protein powder)!
  3. My favorite brand of Collagen Peptides. I add collagen to all my protein shakes and it actually contains 18 grams of protein per two scoops!
  4. My favorite brand of cod liver oil. I take this instead of regular fish oil because the omega-3 content is greater and overall its a much higher quality supplement.
  5. I love this liquid iron and B vitamin supplement. I notice a huge difference in my iron levels and energy levels when taking it consistently.
  6. The best non-stick muffin tin inserts. They have made baking so much easier because you have no cleanup.
  7. One of my favorite protein bars.
  8. The best non-stick baking mats. Great for cookies, seafood, or anything else that is likely to stick on a regular baking sheet.  No oil or sprays needed!
  9. Another protein bar I like, but not as much as The OatOmega bars above.
  10. Best chewable vitamins for children or adults that don’t prefer capsules.
  11. Best vegetable spiraler, hello zoodles!
  12. Best blender that I have EVER used, yes it’s expensive but so worth it. You will never have to buy another blender again!

** this is not a sponsored post, just wanted to share some of my favorite things with you guys!